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Yeremyan Delivery – Your Food at Your Doorstep

Welcome to Yeremyan Delivery, one-stop solution for ordering food, dairy and ready-to-cook products from Yeremyan Projects restaurants.

We are committed to bringing you the foods you love, fresh and fast, right to your doorstep.

🍖 🍕 Tasty and diverse menu of Tavern Yerevan and Yerevani Shaurma

🥛 🧀 Healthy and tasty dairy from Yeremyan Products

🍔🌭 Fresh Burgers and Hot-Dogs from Burgery Angus & More

🥗🌮 Ready-to-cook food from Yeremyan Products shop

🍬🍰 Artisanal sweets from Seasons Sweetland

Key Features:

Fast delivery

Multiple payment options

Order scheduling and subscription

Exclusive deals and offers

User-friendly interface

Loyalty program

Download Yeremyan Delivery app and never wait for good food again!